Quality Policy

Quality Policy

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The Board of Directors of ECIX TECH S.L., (hereinafter referred to as the Management Committee) considers Quality to be a fundamental aspect of the business, and is therefore determined to achieve, maintain and improve the necessary management levels to guarantee the correct provision of service to our clients, efficient internal management and the efficient running of the business.

The purpose of this document denominated Quality Policy is to provide the basic guidelines to guarantee the improvement of the quality of the services that ECIX TECH offers to its clients and in the improvement of the organisation’s own processes, as well as to show the Management Committee’s declaration of intentions regarding quality management in the company.


As it is a general policy, it must be complied with and known by all the areas and departments of ECIX TECH that are subject to the scope of the QMS, both in their internal relations and in their relations with other organisations. The policy covers all the processes and activities involved in the scope of the QMS.


The Quality Management function is the responsibility of the ECIX TECH Quality Management Systems Manager and ultimately of the Management Committee, who are responsible for formulating the guidelines and basic principles of management and business development and of ensuring compliance with this document.


Not applicableECIX Group’s Code of Conduct


ECIX TECH is a company that offers specialised services in Compliance, Privacy and Information Security. We are characterised by our multidisciplinary approach, as we are a firm that merges Mathematics and Law, a quality that we achieve by having a team of professionals composed of lawyers, computer scientists, risk analysts and business consultants.

We are a Firm that firmly believes in technological innovation as a means of growth, which is why we develop our own computer applications as part of the services we provide.

Our Compliance, Privacy and Information Security Projects are oriented towards offering continuous comprehensive advice, intervening in complex projects in this field in many of the IBEX 35 companies and promoting, in all cases and from a practical point of view, the consideration of our clients’ needs.

This document is established in compliance with our code of ethics and conduct which establishes 3 basic pillars as the company’s values:

  • Integrity: Which means doing the right thing. Acting with integrity, reflecting positively on our reputation and reinforcing the way we do things.
  • Accountability: Which means acting in accordance with the law):  the Company, management and employees must ensure that any possibility of infringement of the law is excluded.
  • Quality: Which means to do business “right”, wanting to achieve success by working with quality and exceeding the average standards that govern our sector.

All these values and aspects are interconnected and shape our reputation. For this reason, all ECIX TECH employees are bound by the aforementioned values.

In addition, the Management Committee, aware of the importance of this compromise with quality and the satisfaction of our customers, sets the following principles in accordance with the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 standard:

Además, el Comité de Dirección, consciente de la importancia de este compromiso con la calidad y la satisfacción de nuestros clientes, establece los siguientes principios en consonancia con el estándar UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 :

  • Comply with the requirements stipulated and offered to our clients, designing tailor-made plans that can meet their needs and exceed their expectations.
  • To measure our customers’ perception of the services provided in order to determine the necessary changes to ensure customer satisfaction, as well as to detect new market needs in order to develop new services to meet the future needs of our customers.
  • Ensure compliance with regulations, ensuring that the legal requirements set out in the legal framework applicable to the company and the requirements set out in the rules, regulations and good practices adopted by the company are complied with.
  • Establish the necessary procedures to ensure the correct provision of services to our customers and to maintain the efficiency of the company’s internal management.
  • Keep the Management System aligned with the strategy and needs of the company, establishing measurable, achievable quality objectives, with the ambition to improve and evolve the management system, planned over time and aimed at a specific purpose (specific).
  • Promote quality employment, keeping employees trained in accordance with the vicissitudes of the market, in such a way as to ensure the necessary skills for the correct delivery of the service.
  • Raise awareness among employees of the importance of complying with this policy and the rest of the company’s policies and standards, as well as the consequences and results of not complying with it, for the Management System and the company’s performance.
  • Ensure compliance with this policy, as well as all other policies and rules in relations with third parties.


    The Quality Policy will come into force from the day of its publication. It must be reviewed at least once a year (coinciding with the review of the system by the Management) and/or in the event of modifications or updates of ECIX TECH or the business that justify it.